Project Restore Industries is a service to humanity and the community.  We provide all of the needed services in a timely and economical manner.  We have a understanding and love for people in the community; yet, we do not turn our back from where we came from or try to hide it. A lot of the problems in our community are systemic and so we have a systemic approach.

Project Restore Industries (PRI) combines an advocacy and business model to provide services such as: community stabilization and programming, security detail, and neighborhood tours.  PRI is based in Chicago but has also done touring internationally.   This model allows PRI to support and sustain their local work on the Southwest side of Chicago and provide contractors at a reasonable price.  PRI is willing to work with people with people with bad credit or without credit cards.  PRI is willing to go to you, to travel and meet you where you are at. PRI also works with individuals and organizations who are new to hiring contractors.  The only requirement is that the individual or organization is  prepared to invest in their community and sees the community as their home for the long-term.

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